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writers and clients can grow revenue together

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Email marketing built to drive revenue

Send automated drip or one-off campaigns to segments defined in your profile and sync email engagement back
Track email replies in addition to clicks and opens
Send personal-looking follow up email sequences for high deliverability
Build smart workflows based on how people respond to previous messages
See opportunities created and revenue closed with campaign reporting that goes beyond clicks
Use dynamic sender information to build relationships

Prioritize your hottest opportunities
with keyword and topic preference

Use keyword and web engagement data to select keywords/topics you are interested in
See ranking data to pick top-notch opportunities to propose new articles
Get notified when leads are interested and see what topics they’re want you to write about next

Powerful Gmail integration

Use data from your Gmail to trigger email campaigns and populate merge fields
Record email and web engagement back to your profile platform automatically

Career coaching for writers

Certificate yourself to be an SEO Enabled Writer and Earning Higher Income
Learn how writers get pay more and increase their rate per word
Request 1-on-1 writing career coaching

Sales and writing, finally together

Revenue marketing automation, perfectly in sync with your sales process

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