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And getting repeat writing projects from your clients.

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If any of this sounds familiar,
you need TopicBuddy Outreach.

My clients give me writing assignments randomly

My writing income is very unpredictable

My clients request many changes when I submit articles

I spend a lot of time on researching to produce an article

I don't have a consistent process to reach out to my clients

I know I'd make more money if I follow-up with my clients

TopicBuddy Outreach Allows Writers To
Consistently Follow Up With Clients

Writers earn more money if they have a consistent process to reach out to and follow up with their clients on a regular basis.

You apply with our company, get trained, get a unique affiliate link, and we provide you with a set of email outreach tools that will automatically reach out to your clients on a weekly basis to get you more writing assignments.




How Does It Work?

TopicBuddy Outreach Program allows you to consistenly
follow up with your clients on topics that you want to write about

1. Build Your Writing Profile

You apply with us, build your writing profile. We analyze your topics and articles to come up with a list of keywords that represent your writing expertise. We also use the keywords, topics, and articles to make specialized email outreach for you (step 3).

2. Create Your Potential Earning Dashboard

We assist you to create your potential earning dashboard. Take inventory of where you are right now, and where you want to be in the next 6 months, or 1 year. We also provide you a plan to reach your goal. This allows you to make an extra $10,000 per year.

3. Setup Your Email Outreach Program

We will assist you to setup a specialized email outreach to each client that you want to have stable writing assignments scheduled. Once the outreach campaign is setup, it will run automatically until you decide to stop.

4. Track Your Results & Learn Best Practices

You will have an affiliate link to track your progress and let you know what clients have assigned you more writing jobs. You can also access to weekly and monthly training to learn the best practices from successful writers around the world.

Who Is TopicBuddy For?

Are you interested in earning a higher income consistently
and getting repeat work from clients?

Freelance Writers

Content Managers

SEO Writers

How to Setup Your Email Outreach Campaign


Are You Interested In
Earning Higher Income Consistently
And Getting Repeat Work From Clients?

Apply now (It's FREE)